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Glass railing systems with top rail provide the best of both worlds. The welded aluminum frame provides the structural integrity while glass delivers a clear, unobstructed view of the beautiful outdoors. Using Glass railing systems also adds to the value of your home.

Railcraft Glass railing can be designed to even the most discerning specifications. From architects to home builders to homeowners there is something in the product line for every application and every job. The wide variety of top rail options allow for not only choice but a style all of your own. If you don’t see an option that suits your needs please contact Railcraft directly. Top railing can be fabricated to your exact need and specification for additional cost.

Railcraft has many styles of top rails to use with glass rail systems. Check out the designs below to see which best suits your specifications.


Railcraft recommends a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your Aluminum railing systems depending on your location and environment.

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Glass Rail Options

Top Rail Profiles

Looking for a Custom Design

Railcraft’s design team can create a unique and beautiful custom Aluminum railing system for your next project. Custom colors, patterns, glass and pickets are available. Visit our commercial & residential railing projects for ideas or view our design gallery.

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Mount Options

Our Aluminum railing products offer a variety of different mounting options to suit your specific needs. Each mounting type will provide different strength, visual, or space saving opportunities.

  • Surface In a surface mount type, posts and railing will be mounted directly on-top of the surface. This is the most common mounting option.
  • Fascia Fascia mounts mount on the outside (or inside) of the mounting surface. This mounting type will not reduce the amount of available deck/surface space.
  • Core Core mount is our strongest mounting option. The posts or railing will be mounted to or be embedded themselves into the mounting surface.

Standard Colors

Railcraft stocks a wide variety of color options that will fit your color profile. Choose from one of our standard colors or any of our many custom colors. Have an idea for a color you don’t see here? We can make it happen. *Although these color examples were created from photos of Railcraft paint chips, due to the nature of the web, the colors may not be exactly as seen on this site. Color sample chips are available from your local Railcraft dealer.

  • Gloss White 468-10050
  • Quartz Grey GY80-XXP 1086
  • Chocolate BR XP1366
  • Sandalwood 68/5023
  • Railing Grey 468/70020
  • Black Velvet 68-80012
  • Evergreen GN50-XP1167
  • Flat Black UBS2-00205
  • Rideau Brown BR60-XP643
  • Railcraft Tan BE60 XP1738
  • Railing Beige 68/15022
  • Oyster Grey GY80-XP 1097
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