The Current

Multifamily Residential Long Beach

Project Description

A multifamily project in the heart of Long Beach CA. Consisting of several mounting conditions as well as a large windwall for the pool area on the roof of this building.

With a precast condition in some parts of the building, and different conditions on this building it presented Railcraft some challenges that required solutions between the design, build and installation teams on the fly while on site.

Railcraft has just recently completed a 200+ deck project in the heart of downtown long beach, CA. The railing is a mixture of surface mount and core mount railing that has been put in over the last 7 months. Railcraft designed a flat bar post system for the decks that gives each unit a unique look to the railing. We also provided a 84” inch wind wall on the top of the building to enclose the pool area, giving residents not only the safety required but the unique look and ability to enjoy the view of the nearby Pacific Ocean. The Current will be yet another prominent building in the southern California region that will proudly display Railcraft product as a part of its finished design.

Project Details

Long Beach, CA

Railing Type

Glass, Gates, Windwall

Mount Details

Core, Surface


Floromax Aluminum


Apartments, Multifamily

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