Frequently Asked Questions

What maintenance is needed for Aluminum railing systems?2023-09-29T19:14:48-07:00

Clean the product per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid acid solutions, steel wool, and harsh abrasives. Clean glass panels by washing away dust and grit with plenty of water, then remove grease and film residues with a mild soap and water solution; rinse well. We advise a yearly inspection of the railings and all fasteners to ensure structural soundness. Ensure you check and replace caulking per the manufacturer’s warranty and comprehensively read and follow all maintenance instructions.

What railing height is necessary on my deck to comply with building codes?2023-09-29T19:14:18-07:00

Always consult your local building codes before purchasing railing. General guidelines are: Decks under 24″ in overall height don’t need railings. For decks between 24″ and 71″ in overall height, a 36″ high railing is needed, and decks over 71″ from the ground require a 42″ railing. Please verify with your local building official.

What type of glass do you use?2023-09-29T19:14:00-07:00

We recommend using 5mm (3/16″) or 6mm tempered safety glass for all rails with a top and bottom frame design. For our Topless windscreen and Topless Beach Post or Butterworth Posts railing systems, we utilize a more robust tempered safety glass.

How do you anchor posts to decks?2023-09-29T19:13:40-07:00

We offer three types of railing mount designs: top surface mount posts with a base plate bolted to the deck’s top, fascia mount posts, and core mount (also known as side mount posts). Railcraft dealers can offer more details based on your project design.

What is Powder Coating?2023-09-29T19:13:19-07:00

Powder coating is a durable method of applying a coating in the form of a dry, free-flowing powder. Unlike conventional liquid paint, which requires a solvent, powder coating is applied electrostatically and then heated to gel and cure, forming a “skin”. The outcome is a uniform, durable, and high-quality finish.

Are there any limitations to the surfaces on which Aluminum railing can be installed?2023-09-29T19:12:46-07:00

We can affix aluminum railings to wood, composites, waterproof vinyl membranes, and concrete. However, specific mounting hardware might be necessary depending on the application. Railcraft is here to guide you based on your project’s specific requirements.

Can you create custom railings with Aluminum for unique projects?2023-09-29T19:12:23-07:00

Absolutely. Aluminum Railings are fully customizable and can be tailor-made to align with your deck, patio, or pool dimensions. Opt for any style, color, and finishing detail; we can align with your design vision and accommodate unique height or angle specifications. Essentially, we can craft a custom railing system that meets your desired aesthetic.

Why should we consider Aluminum over steel or wood?2023-09-29T19:11:41-07:00

Wood railings require protection from rot and insects, while ferrous metal railings can rust and have peeling paint. In contrast, aluminum railings offer low maintenance with their sturdy construction and powder-coated finish. Their design flexibility makes them the superior choice for those seeking a high-end look without the associated hassles.

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