Our Shelter & Shade Systems are more than just products

Railcraft Shelter and Shade Systems are architectural solutions designed to enhance, protect, and transform outdoor spaces, meeting the exacting standards of professionals in the construction and design sectors.

Railcraft Shelter & Shade Systems

Railcraft’s Shelter and Shade Systems provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, balancing functional design with architectural sophistication. These systems, encompassing cabanas, overhangs, and sunshades, cater to the diverse requirements of developers, architects, general contractors, and homeowners, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and practical utility.


Tailored for relaxation and privacy, our cabanas provide a serene retreat in any outdoor setting. Each cabana is designed to be both a functional space and an aesthetically pleasing feature, aligning with the highest architectural standards.


Our overhangs and awnings are crafted from heavy gauge extruded aluminum, ensuring durability and strength. The structural square lattice tubes provide a unique aesthetic, while steel braces enhance stability. Finished with a high-quality powder coating, these overhangs offer long-lasting protection and style for any outdoor space.


Designed to offer essential protection from the sun while maintaining architectural integrity, our sunshades integrate effortlessly into any building façade or outdoor space. They are a practical addition, reducing heat and glare while contributing to the overall aesthetic of the structure.