Picket Railings

Railcraft Picket Railings are among the most popular design and selection due in part to its easy maintenance and various options in design and top rail. Picket railing offers safety for the customer along with the style that suits their needs. It is cost effective as well and is the staple of thousands of deck projects Railcraft has done throughout North America.

Picket railing comes as a component system or is professionally welded from our production facility. Welded picket systems provides excellent structural integrity, but also are not affected by wind and weather.

Design Options
Ease of Installation

Top Rail Options


in a surface mount type, posts and railing will be mounted directly on-top of the surface. This is the most common mounting option.


Fascia mounts mount on the outside (or inside) of the mounting surface. This mounting type will not reduce the amount of available deck/surface space.


Core mount is our strongest mounting option. The posts or railing will be mounted to or be embedded themselves into the mounting surface.

Why Choose Railcraft?

Railcraft is a leading manufacturer of premium aluminum picket railings. Our products are durable, strong, and lightweight and withstand the harshest environments, from oceanfront hotels to mountaintop retreats. Choose us and work with professional commercial and residential builders in North America.

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Picket Rail Gallery


Railing can be mounted to the surface or fascia depending on the building requirements.



Railcraft has 12 standard powder coating colors. Custom colors are available at an additional cost.


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