Railing Systems


Railcraft Picket Railings are among the most popular design and selection due in part to its easy maintenance and various options in design and top rail. Picket railing offers safety for the customer along with the style that suits their needs. It is cost effective as well and is the staple of thousands of deck projects Railcraft has done throughout North America.

Picket railing comes professionally welded from our production facility. Welded picket systems provides excellent structural integrity, but also are not affected by wind and weather.


Railing can be mounted to the surface or fascia depending on the building requirements.



Railcraft has 12 standard powder coating colors. Custom colors are available at an additional cost.



Glass railing systems with top rail provide the best of both worlds. The welded aluminum frame provides the structural integrity while glass delivers a clear, unobstructed view of the beautiful outdoors. Using Glass railing systems also adds to the value to the property.

Railcraft’s glass systems are designed to meet engineering and building specifications. Whether you’re an architect, builder or homeowner there is something in our product line for every application and project. The wide variety of top rail options allow for endless customisation. For unique designs or customisation options please contact Railcraft directly.


A top rail with glass panel combination offers both strength and view. This is often ideal for hotel and other commercial applications.


Railcraft aluminum railings are powder coated in 12 standard colors. This paint method is environmentally friendly and extremely durable.


Used primarily in high end commercial and residential settings to enhance and obtain an unobstructed view the topless glass systems are a beautiful choice.  For pool surrounds, wind-walls, decks and balconies the topless glass railing system is aesthetically the most eye catching system Railcraft offers.


Railcraft offers over 30 different rail profiles depending on your choice for picket or glass. Our experienced dealer network can help find the right choice for your application.



Railcraft railings require seasonal cleaning with non-abrasiveness detergents. For Coastal locations additional cleaning maybe required to remove salt deposits.